Thursday, July 23, 2009

Delicious rocks!

I visited Delicious for the first time yesterday. I can't believe i have never used this before. I knew what the site was, but never took the time to check it out. I found so many websites that were interesting and funny that I am sure I would never have come across on my own. This is going to become my new favourite website; I definately plan on using this site often. I bookmarked 13 sites on my first visit, mostly related to music. There was one funny site I bookmarked that I thought was very funny: Awful Library Books. I am sure anyone who visits this site would get a good laugh, i sure did. Some tags i added to the sites i bookmarked were funny, blog, music, weird, quotes, funny, charts.. Like i said, most of the sites i bookmarked were music related, but I am looking forward to using this site often and keeping track of all the cool sites I come across. It will be handy to be able to access all these bookmarks from different computers!

1 comment:

  1. We may be using this site instead of BOTW... stay tuned.